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Well when you really thinking about it customers have always had an opportunity to voice their opinions… maybe just not as this easy as now days so nothings really changed.  Previously if a customer had a complaint it probably wasn’t widely circulated around the media, maybe just through word of mouth and only within a small community of individuals.  Now days it is so easy to publish online, consumers are able to find out almost anything (whether good or bad).  When you search on the internet there are loads of results such as reviews, forum postings, blogs etc, most people conduct research on the internet before purchasing whether it’s for a good or service because it is so easy to find information.  If you are not on the web you’re going to miss out!  The advantage here for the company is that they are going to be alerted to the situation, therefore they can response (have their say) or offer a solution.  Watch the Samsung video below, what it offered to IPhone 4 users and how fast the word travelled through social media.

How fast news travels on Social Media – Samsung Galaxy S

Social Media can help provide that medium in which networks can be created, links between individuals and businesses.  Again getting individuals to cooperate, collaborate and to build those networks.  So you’re thinking what are the advantages?

  • If customers, employees, stakeholders are cooperating, they are contributing, therefore collaborating which could benefit the organisation with ideas, help with problem solving, identify issues and problems, collaborate etc.
  • For internal use, social media allows interaction within the organisation, it keeps employees informed, the employees have somewhere to easily voice their opinions, allows everyone to contribute and get involved which could improve the overall employee morale and the organisational culture.
  • Builds a network of followers which could assist with customer relationship management, it makes it easy to advertise and market to these followers, free advertising e.g. if they tell friends and get them to join. Gives the ability to create new business opportunities.
  • There are so many social media applications out there and free therefore a benefit could be a good, cheap, and easy marketing tool.

These are just some of the benefits of social media, next time I will be looking at some social media technologies available to businesses.

Check out these articles which discuss some of the advantages for businesses:

Ford and Social Media
How Ford used social media to market its brand, built relationships and how it involved individuals (external and internal stakeholders).

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5 thoughts on “Social Media –The Mix

  1. Jo says:

    Has anyone heard of Kony2012? How powerful is social media?

  2. CM says:

    Kony2012 is an amazing example of the power of social media both for the original clip, but also for the fallout that occurred a few days after it went viral. So also a good example of ensuring you have your facts and messages correct before posting on the web in the first place! Having created such a large audience meant the negative stories were also shared up by so many.

    • Jo says:

      I’ve heard of this through friends and media, I’ve only watch a little of the video but I believe it’s so protest to stop Kony, they are trying to get a whole lot of people to paint everything Red with posters or something… Also there’s been some bad media with the front man in the documentary behaving badly.

  3. Cara says:

    Social media is pretty powerful, out of the group of facebook friends I have across the world (most of them gathered through playing games across social media) a number of them had shared the video within a couple of days. Whether the message was entirely correct or not and whether the feedback was positive or negative, it got the attention of most of the planet! And it started the discussions.

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