Social Media you say…?

How can businesses utilise social media to build networks..

Welcome, this is my little creation as part of my studies in social media.  This project gives me the opportunity to experience the use of a social media tool and to write about social media in businesses as part of a assessment…

To be honest I’m not a great follower of the big Social Media hype I find it quite time-consuming with all the information we receive, (let alone twits and status updates about what people had for breakfast).   If I wasn’t so busy I probably would spend more time surfing the net, read blogs, and look into some of these social media apps but all I have time for is textbooks at the moment.   Society today is so information rich we need to filter content we wish to receive and filter out the ones we don’t want.

Social Media just like many other topics relates to business in how it can provide value, competitive advantage and how it differentiates itself from its competitors.  I will be blogging over the next few weeks about how social media works in businesses.  Feel free to leave comments and please join into any discussions.

Let the communicating and collaborating begin…


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