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Final Post – Blogging – A reflection

Well the time has come… time to hand this in…

What is a Blog?  Well to me I have always thought of a Blog as a personal online journal that can be like a diary or posts on a specific topic.  Pretty much anybody that has access to the web can sign up for a basic blog account and start publishing.

Personal I do not blog nor do I read blogs but if I were to read a blog it would have to be of interest to me and must be a “good read”.  For example the writer involves the reader, puts a little of themselves into the post, uses a bit of humour, the post are straight to the point and not too long. I think I got a little lost in specifics rather than voicing my own opinion.

The design of the blog would be the same principles of website design with lots of white space, not too crowded with lots of content and boxes everywhere.  The blog would have regular posts daily or weekly.

The reason why I pick this template design is because the design is basic, there is good use of white space, not too much advertising, not too crowded, nice font and the background is easy to read on.

WordPress and the tools were easy to set up and use once I had a play around.  At first it was hard to get into writing mode but towards the end I have found it enjoyable.  However I would have like to include more humour and more of a personal writing style but is not too appropriate for this subject and assignment.

To me it seems that blogs are changing now that businesses are utilising blogs they have become more formal and more like a website rather than a blog.  I find some of these too commercial and contain too much detail, where in the past it was more amateur, someone speaking from their own opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog…

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