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Social Media within the organisation

Okay so we’ve talked a little about how social media can benefit customers and external stakeholders but what about internal stakeholders?

One of the biggest benefits for organisations is the ability to break the lines of communication.  Most organisation have hierarchical or functional structures, but the use of social media will see a flat organisational structure which will give direct access to the top without all the “go between” to get through.  We will see collaboration between different functions of the organisation and social media will not just be limited to the marketing department.

Social media gives the ability for organisations to communicate to all its employees whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, blogs or forums etc.  They are able to communicate easily, the employees are well-informed, and they have a medium that gives the ability to give feedback, comment and interact.  This whole “interaction” is important as it is part of the other 4C’s mention before.

  • Cooperation – which is getting people to share with others
  • Collaboration – getting people together to work on things
  • Connections which provides connection to and between people and networks.

It may be hard for organisations to get their head around this whole social media in their workplace and adopt social media tools but it is a reality and here to stay. Here is a good  article  about businesses tapping into social media.  For an organisational to stay competitive today it needs to keep up with these technologies.

Social media gives the ability for anyone to communicate their opinions whether bad or good and this could be quite dangerous for organisations, this is why organisations need to be ready to REACT.  On the other hand it also needs cooperation from the employees to adopt and use the tools too.  Check out this article when Coca-Cola’s social experiment when wrong and customer’s started attacking each other and other companies that faced issues when adopting social media that allow customers to share their thoughts and also this article about O2 and its follower of the week experiment.

Have you heard of the porous membrane?  Basically this represents internal conversations and external conversation, x is the membrane that can help separate the conversations if misaligned,  click on the link below for the full description.

The porous membrane: why corporate blogging works.


So now we’re thinking how is this going to work?  Internal conversations… external conversations… Is this a good mix?  Customers allow to share their thoughts?

Could your staff be damaging your organisation through social media?

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